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Happy 16th, kiddo.   Enjoy it!


Ah, Takeshi Kaneshiro.   What doesn’t he make better?

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He made Dr. Ian Malcolm hot!   And he was charming, geek-sexy in The Fly before he busted out the Brundlefly crazy.

(I know some of you may want to hurl rotten food at me now, but… you’ll live, eh?)

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John Cusack, ladies and gents.


I throw myself upon your mercies; it wasn’t until I was scrolling through the archives that I remembered – holy shit! – I had completely forgotten February’s hot old man and here we are, eight days into the month.   Somehow I have a feeling that Mr. Cusack could care less, but you know.

And I know everyone loves High Fidelity more than anything else in Cusack’s body of work, but me, myself and I?  I’m a Grosse Pointe Blank kind of girl, you know.

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If you’ll remember, a while ago there was a not very flattering poster released for Liam Neeson’s new movie, Taken.

I’m pleased to see a new poster that rectifies all that awfulness.   The new one looks pretty slick and it has a serious lack of Liam Neeson looking like he’s been made out of leftover candle wax drippings.    That gives it a hearty two thumbs up from me, as that last poster was absolutely criminal.


Alright, so you don’t get to fully bask in his glory, but I think that quote sells that movie as well as you could sell it.

I like my Liam Neeson very much alive looking, thank you very much.

Poster via Film School Rejects.

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The adorable, charming Keanu Reeves.

(I hear he’s got a new movie coming out soon, too…hmm?)

I’d write more but it would really just all come out as nonsense, as I think I have Captain Trips or something.   This is wickedly weird stuff I’ve got and it’s made my brain go kind of mushy.   My thought process feels very off right now.

Which means my reviews of Emma, Paris Je T’aime, 10,000 B.C., Frailty and Adam and Evil this weekend should be moderately interesting.

I may be watching Speed this evening.   That’s just a rumor I heard, which may or may not have anything to do with the facts that A) I don’t think my brain can handle any of the above movies at the moment B) Keanu Reeves in Speed = awesome C) Speed has some gloriously beautiful Keanu moments.

See?  Brain.  Mushy.

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Oddly enough, Tsunami Bomb’s “Irish Boys Stink” just popped up on my Winamp shuffle.



Please be in more Hollywood movies, Mr. Moran.   Please.

Funny guys = very cute.

I give the jury Exhibit A.

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