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On Four Rooms (no!  I am speaking the truth!  I am half-way through the write up, Allison, I have not forsaken you), I thought I’d take a bit to let you know I’m expanding the blog a tiny bit.

Not much, you see – but the problem is that for various reasons, I am feeling like I’m always running out of time.   I really am like the White Rabbit, running late more often than not, but now I feel really behind, like my watch has stopped or broken or I forgot to do a BC/AD changeover* or something and I should probably stop this metaphor and this sentence because I know where neither is going.

What I’m really trying to say is that basically, there’s more to life than movies.  There’s food and books and movies and music and fun things!   So in the interest of doing all fun things and not just one fun thing, I’m going to be blogging about some other things besides movies.   This will stay primarily a  movie blog and the non-movie stuff I will try and relate back to les films, but we’re expanding a bit, here, okay?   And if you don’t like that, then you can skip the non-movie posts and stick to the movie ones.

Just to give you the heads up.  Carry on, carry on!


*The BC/AD changeover is an Eddie Izzard joke, so I’m giving credit where credit is due and not assuming everyone knows that.  Also, if you have not seen Dressed to Kill please Netflix it.   It’s … culturally enriching.  Also:  hilarious.

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Halloween Blogathan Picks

The ones I didn’t own, I went and bought today:

  • The Fly (Remake);
  • The Stepford Wives (original);
  • House of 1000 Corpses;
  • The Descent;
  • REC;
  • The Shining;
  • The Host;
  • Drag Me To Hell;
  • Return of the Living Dead

We’ll start on the 30th as soon as my installer from the cable company shows up and gets everything all set up.

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If you’re a LAMB member, then you should be aware that the 2009 LAMMYs are going on RIGHT NOW!   The excitement, the glitz, the glamor!

trophyYes, if I win, I hear that one of these babies will be shipped to my house, where people can assume I won a trophy for genetically engineering a mutated sheep.

I’m nominated for Best Blog, which actually means that I’ll probably lose out to that dastardly Fletch over at Blog Cabins or the sneaky Stacie Ponder at Final Girl, but it would be nice if you LAMB members voted for me.   Please?

…I have cookies?

(Wait, is bribery out of the question?)

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Is The Great White Dope.  Yes, you, sir — you have won a copy of Speed with the Almighty Saint Keanu.

I’ll be sending you an e-mail shortly…

May giveaway to be announced halfway through the month as something wonderous is hitting DVD at about the half-month mark.

(Also, the last Worst Movie Ever winner?   Haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve just been delayed dropping yours in the mail…)

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April Giveaway!

Note to Worst Movies Ever Winners:   Your prizes still haven’t gone out because I’m waiting to hear back from two of you…

But I do have a movie to give away to anyone who wants it.   No, it’s nothing super fancy, but you know, after all the arms discussion on the blog recently, I couldn’t resist picking this up at Target.


Ah yes, if you want a copy of Speed (“the whim of a madman!” Oh, Dennis Hopper), all you have to do is comment and someone will be drawn at random.    Assuming, of course, that someone wants this.

(You’ll need to use a valid e-mail address in the box asking you for that, or else I can’t get in touch.)

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A Merry Early Christmas to You

First of all, have you joined the cool kids club known as Twitter?   Just a reminder that you can follow 1,416 and Counting updates on Twitter.

Secondly, to the good and great people who read this blog:   a very merry Christmas to all of you.   To all those who have read, commented and participated in this blog, you have my many great thanks.

As of this post, this is my 200th post, and the blog has a little over 34,500 hits since starting here on WordPress in February of this year.    My dashboard tells me that 1,637 comments have been left on 1,416 and Counting since it’s inception (probably half of those are mine, you know).   In comparison to many other blogs on the great and good Internets, 34,500 hits and almost 1,700 comments is diddly-squat, but I have to tell you that I could never have imagined that I would ever reach that number some months ago when I started.

To the many people who have stopped by, commented, read, linked me on your own blogs and others’ blogs:  you have given me an already fantastic present — the gift of your valuable time, which is so very much appreciated.

I don’t know that I could repay the favor to all of you, but I do hope all of you have a very safe and merry Christmas, Hannukah, or whatever holiday you may celebrate at this time of the year.

In the meantime, I’m working on Armageddon but the epic, arrogant, egotistical Bay-ness deserves the full, healthy workup, so expect that tomorrow night, and I’ll catch all y’all on Saturday.

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So, with the Thanksgiving holidays and everything, my Netflix shipments have been backed up.  This is actually pretty good, because it’s been giving my brain a break from all those awful, awful movies I’ve been watching (I feel a little fried, I can’t lie), so tonight I’m making hot chocolate and tucking in with Witness, which I have not seen in approximately ten years and eight days.  Viggo Mortensen’s first film role and all that.   Plus, Amish people! Who doesn’t love the Amish?  I hear they make fantastic quilts…and friendship bread.

And any thoughts of forming coherent thoughts about any movies whatsoever flew out the window when I saw this … first pictures of Bale and Depp in Public Enemies. Michael Mann, you have just put my rear end in a theater seat.

So that’s all for now.  Once my new movies get here, I guess I’ll have something more, although I suspect I’ll need to dig out the thesaurus I haven’t used in ages.   I’m getting sick of using the word “awful” over and over and over again.

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So…I’m partially alive, I promise.   Real life events have been crazy here at 1,416 and Counting headquarters!   And I’m still trying to fully process Manos:  Hands of Fate…because…well…I think it might have lowered my IQ about eighty-five points.   (I only had 100 points to start with too, so, drats!)

However, I AM attending a fantabulously glittery sparkly screening of Twilight tomorrow, so I guess you’ll know soon if the LULZ are worth it or not.

But, I did have to share this with you.   Coraline is a new stop-motion film coming out and by all accounts, it looks fantastic.   Take note, viral marketers of movies, because this is wise:   Check out what Cleolinda and Despoiler got for Coraline.   Now that is a ton of awesome and a half.    (Me?  Envious.  Of course.   That way beats the nine thousand promotional e-mails I get from PR firms promoting movies that um….I will probably never see.   Sorry, random PR firms that e-mail me often.   It’s just…I’m not fond of romantic comedies, you see, if you…you know…read my blog.)

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Some Random Blog Notes

  • If your blog isn’t in the blogroll here and you want it to be, either drop me a comment here or e-mail me at 1416andcounting@gmail.com; I’m mucking with the sidebars this week and I’ll get it updated.
  • Reader’s Choice technically opened yesterday, but I haven’t received any of my movies yet from Netflix.   Drats!   Foiled again!   As soon as I get them, the reviews should start flowing in.   From now until finishing time, we’ll see how brain-melty I get.  If you want to check out progress on Reader’s Choice, Worst Movies Ever, you can check the tab up top and I’ll put status updates there.

Questions?  Comments?

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You’ve only got a few days left to get in your nominees for Worst Movie Ever for me to review for the next Reader’s Choice that starts on November 1st.

I’m dutifully preparing by watching comfort movies well in advance (tonight?  Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) to gear my mind up for the slew of awful that will be entering my brain shortly.

Feel free to leave comments here with recommendations; if you need to check the original post, it’s here.

And because I’m a sneaky snake, let’s add in one more thing while we’re here:   How do you guys feel about me putting up ads on the site?   Yay or nay?   I ask only because for the site’s birthday, I think I’m going to buy my own snazzy domain name and move to my own hosting, yay!   (That’s in February, but it’s never too early to start thinking ahead, eh?)

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