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May Giveaway


Well, what did you think it was going to be?

I have a two disc special edition copy for a lucky reader.  Leave a comment – don’t forget to put a valid e-mail address in the  appropriate box to leave a comment, else I can’t e-mail you for your correct address.

Alright, who wants it?

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Okay, dearests.

If you have been keeping up with movies lately via this magic thing we call “the Internet”, then surely you know that the Patron Saint of Profanity and Hilariously Inappropriate Music During Sequences That Make You Cry, a/k/a one Mr. Quentin Tarantino, has managed to have his script for Inglorious Bastards leaked to, apparently, everyone everywhere (except for me).

It’s my understanding darling Q is still holding fast to his “Cannes ’09” premiere deadline which I think is a bunch of phooey.  And I think a bunch of you out there, steadfastly clicking away on your keyboards, feel much the same.

That’s why I’m doing this:   If Quentin Tarantino actually manages to release Inglorious Bastards sometime in 2009 (I’m not even holding my breath for Cannes, y’all) one of you few who read this blog regularly will win a stack of movies.   What movies?   I’m not sure.   I haven’t managed to pick those up yet.  But you will win something.

To enter?   All you have to do is comment below.   I’m curious to know if any of you think 2009 is an actual, feasible date for QT to have his epic war movie in theaters.

If Q gets it out in ’09, I’ll select a random name out of a hat.  There’s no exclusion on anything.   It doesn’t matter if you’re a non U.S. resident, of a certain age or anything like that.

Has Tarantino gone completely bonkers?   He might have, considering that this script features American soldiers scalping Germans.   My kind of movie, I guess.

And hey, why did everyone get a copy of this stupid script except for me?

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