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If you’ll remember, a while ago there was a not very flattering poster released for Liam Neeson’s new movie, Taken.

I’m pleased to see a new poster that rectifies all that awfulness.   The new one looks pretty slick and it has a serious lack of Liam Neeson looking like he’s been made out of leftover candle wax drippings.    That gives it a hearty two thumbs up from me, as that last poster was absolutely criminal.


Alright, so you don’t get to fully bask in his glory, but I think that quote sells that movie as well as you could sell it.

I like my Liam Neeson very much alive looking, thank you very much.

Poster via Film School Rejects.

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This is the new poster for the My Bloody Valentine remake as found on EVERY SITE ON THE INTERNET, oh my god.   (I found it via Cinematical).

I’m torn here:   I like the throwback to cheesy movie posters of old.    On the other hand, this poster just screams “THIS MOVIE SUCKS”.   Nothing says date movie like a 3-D ride to hell, huh?   Not if it’s anything like the original.  I might not be grabbing onto the It’s Pat!  lookalike sitting randomly next to me in the theater for anything, given what I have to go on here.   Unless, of course, there’s neckerchiefs involvedthen I might scream in terror and hide my eyes on some poor stranger’s shoulder.

What say you?

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