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Congratulations, Vanessa Williams.  You suck as an actress and I hope both for the sake of humanity and the sake of my retinas that you are never given another acting job ever again.


For any of you out there looking either to waste two hours of your life on this movie, or anyone with some masochistic tendencies desiring to see this movie, let me save you some time and some self-inflicted punches to the face.   Unless, of course, you like punching yourself in the face — in which case, I have absolutely no comment on your preferences.

Arnold Schwarzenegger protects people in the Witness Protection Program.   Vanessa Williams is an upright citizen who wants to do the right thing and turn in her defense contracting company for treason and testify.   Blah blah blah…shit gets blown up as people who could get implicated try and kill said witness..these people get killed… Vanessa Williams can trust no one…blah blah blah, this movie sucks and Arnold’s one liners blow.

Look, I just saved you five bucks on a rental and two hours of your life and trust me, it was significantly less painful than watching it yourself.

If you think that review just sucked, think about the actual FILM.

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