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So, my three readers, something horrible happened recently.

I had all these ideas for cool things to do after Reader’s Choice and I was supposed to sit down and do a movie review tonight, but I find I just cannot focus properly.

My copy of The Hunt For Red October has gone MIA.

The Hunt For Red October is my comfort movie.   Whenever I need a good brain-cleansing, a lazy day movie or just a good popcorn movie, Red October is my standby.

My copy is gone.   There’s no mistaking it, no denying it; it’s not hiding anywhere, it didn’t get kicked behind the TV, it’s not squirreled away in some other DVD case by accident.

I have called off the search and rescue teams and now…now I’m left with an empty DVD case and winsome memories.    Goodbye, copy of Red October.   You were good to me, and you had submarine awesomeness, and now, I just can’t focus very well until I replace you.


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