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It’s really cold outside tonight for Texas (25 degrees, brrrrr) and with no Worst Movies Ever to do, I was looking forward to coming home and getting under the covers. This was mostly due to the fact that I spent an hour gridlocked in traffic, watching ambulance after ambulance come to rescue Texas drivers who freak at the mere thought of inclement weather.

My natural instinct was to come home, have peppermint hot chocolate, and cross stitch. Yes, I know. I’m two caftans and a lanai short of being a Golden Girl, but I do enjoy the needlework. On nights when I’m out of movies to review, I flick on TCM or pop in a movie for background noise while I put stitches in whatever I may be working on at the moment.

In retrospect, it was probably a mistake to put on Ghostbusters tonight. I should have known my attention would be drawn so much to the movie that I would keep stabbing myself in the thumb and index finger with a needle. Luckily for me, tapestry needles are extremely dull or my pricked fingers would be singing a far different tune. I really should have known much better and not been shocked at all when I looked down at my work and saw that I had miscounted everything I had done from paying too MUCH attention to Ghostbusters, thus leaving me the only option of ripping out everything I had just sat there and stitched. If you’ve never ripped out stitches before, and I am assuming quite a few of you have not, it is about as much fun as a root canal.

So here’s all those parts that I adore so much, even if they cause me bodily injury and/or cause me to swear a blue streak because they drive me to distraction…



“My uncle thought he was Saint Jerome.”


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I got tagged by Scott over at He Shot Cyrus for this one and I have to tell you, I really had to think hard on this one.   No, Scott couldn’t tag me for something a little less easy on my poor convoluted brain, like perhaps Top 20 Hot Old British Dudes or something.

I’m too lazy to collage all these photos, though, so you have to deal with full size.  Okay?   Okay.


I’m such a softie for Angela Lansbury not only because of Murder, She Wrote but because of her role as Elvis’ mom (!) in Blue Hawaii.   CHADWICK!


I don’t really think Bette Davis requires an explanation, but damn, that woman was fierce.   Also, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? is really one of my all time favorite movies.




Poor Catherine Deneuve.  “People only die of love in the movies.”


CLAUDETTE EFFING COLBERT. After I compiled my list, I took a gander around the movie blogosphere to see what people had listed and I was shocked – really shocked – that Colbert was nowhere to be found.   The Egg and I is a movie my mother and I will watch and love over and over and over again forever.


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