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I got tagged by Scott over at He Shot Cyrus for this one and I have to tell you, I really had to think hard on this one.   No, Scott couldn’t tag me for something a little less easy on my poor convoluted brain, like perhaps Top 20 Hot Old British Dudes or something.

I’m too lazy to collage all these photos, though, so you have to deal with full size.  Okay?   Okay.


I’m such a softie for Angela Lansbury not only because of Murder, She Wrote but because of her role as Elvis’ mom (!) in Blue Hawaii.   CHADWICK!


I don’t really think Bette Davis requires an explanation, but damn, that woman was fierce.   Also, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? is really one of my all time favorite movies.




Poor Catherine Deneuve.  “People only die of love in the movies.”


CLAUDETTE EFFING COLBERT. After I compiled my list, I took a gander around the movie blogosphere to see what people had listed and I was shocked – really shocked – that Colbert was nowhere to be found.   The Egg and I is a movie my mother and I will watch and love over and over and over again forever.


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Okay, so I’ve actually seen this one before, but it’s been a really long time.


Rosalind Russell was, for some reason, a seminal part of my childhood movie experience. We had the double-tape VHS copy of Auntie Mame and I can remember sitting down with my older sister to watch this movie when I was probably about eight or so.

The movie itself features two young ladies who are sent to St. Francis Academy, a Catholic school for girls, who end up in all sorts of wacky hijinks while driving the Mother Superior (Rosalind Russell) absolutely insane.

One of the reasons I like this movie is that it’s touching without being overly sentimental and funny without going off the slapstick deep-end. Hayley Mills does a nice job and I always loved the portrayals of the various nuns. The girls are followed through two years of school all the way through their graduation day, and they manage to turn the school upside-down in every which way before they finally grow up and begin to become adults.

Rosalind Russell was a total badass, and I mean that in the best possible way. She was a tremendous actress who starred in some movies that will always have great memories for me.

This movie was made in 1966 and it still feels fresh to me, well over 40 years later. It will always get a thumbs-up from me.


ALSO, If you haven’t cast your vote for Reader’s Choice, J.D. has nominated The Dreamers and Matt has nominated Willow as the next up to review. Voting ends tomorrow, Tuesday, April 1st (not an April Fool’s Joke, I promise) at 6:00 p.m., Central Standard Time.

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