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Somehow I’ve ended up on weird movie-marketing promotional e-mail lists, so every so often an e-mail will make its way through the vast labyrinth of the web to land in my inbox.   It’s usually something random, but the other day I got this promotional e-mail for Righteous Kill, the new DeNiro/Pacino movie.

You can almost always sign me up for anything involving DeNiro and DeNiro and Pacino together in the same movie is pretty much made of radness, but I couldn’t help but notice something odd about the following picture.

I have no doubt the movie will be pretty cool, but man.   Pacino looks like he can barely keep that gun level.   That…might be a problem.

Is it wrong that I thought that DeNiro was initially John Goodman’s character from The Big Lebowski?

I kid, I kid.

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