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There’s many things an intrepid movie blogger such as myself can handle.   I made it through a viewing of Cannibal Holocaust once, finishing the movie drenched in my own tears, sorrow and fighting back my gag reflex.   I have withstood the horrors of movies such as High School Musical with a headache and half my teeth ground down.    I have sat through to the bitter, bitter end of every Daniel Day-Lewis movie I’ve ever seen, which is phenomenal given my fiery distaste for Day-Lewis.

But when you throw something at me like Ray Liotta’s bare ass bathed in the soothing, unnaturally cool blue of a personal tanning room as he screams at an assistant followed by a shocking close up of his pock-marked face with a heavy emphasis on Ray Liotta’s scary, scary set of chompers, that’s more than this lady can handle.    That’s where I checked out on this one, stifling my own fears to run far, far away and deep into the comfort of a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

So I don’t know what to tell you.   If you like freaky naked Ray Liotta, then this is totally the movie for you.

Note to Guy Ritchie:   We may have to have an intervention, friend.

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