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Good Lord – talk about beating a dead horse.

Nightmare on Elm Street 5:  The Dream Child is little more than someone who is not Wes Craven attempting to reinvent the wheel (or, er, the franchise) and failing miserably.

We pick up with Alice and Dan again, and they seem to be normal and well-adjusted and graduating high school with a new group of friends we’ve never met before.   Dan and Alice seem reasonably happy, too; they have an extended vacation planned to Europe for the summer and all seems well.

Say it with me now:  uh-oh.

Alice tells Dan about this freaky dream she had and her sneaking suspicion that Freddy is returning.   Dan tells Alice to chillax, and just take it easy – one bad dream doesn’t mean Freddy’s returning.

Man, I’m getting tired of typing that.

Alice is on her way to work when she has a totally schizoid dream that involves her seeing exactly how Amanda Krueger conceived and gave birth to Freddy (which – two scoops of ick, thanks), and sees a new, disgusting looking Freddy-baby crawl into the old church where Alice beat him down in Part IV.   The baby-thing crawls into Freddy’s clothes and becomes…grown-up Freddy!

Say what you will about the man, but he does know how to make an entrance.



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