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Goodness, that’s an awful lot of colons.


I kind of view this award as a gimme. The LOTR films are kind of one big film in and of themselves, and I feel like the Academy kind of said, “Okay, you made three really good films, but we’ll wait until you’re all wrapped up to give you the award, since we learned our lesson with the Godfather. Part III? Really?”

It’s amazing in a way to see how far Peter Jackson has come since making Bad Taste and Dead Alive, but he’s still got the same spirit and love for movies. And he made me like Tolkien. I should probably preface this by saying I loathe the LOTR trilogy and the Hobbit. I forced myself through The Hobbit, telling myself it would get better, and then I hit Fellowship of the Ring. I got to the part about Tom Bombadil and I just said, “Okay, I give up. This is stupid.” Probably not fair of me, but I learned my lesson with the Narnia books, which I hated but read every single one of them when I was a kid, so I could read the complete series and make up my mind. They never got any better.

Good special effects and good storytelling in this one all the way around. I personally prefer The Two Towers, but like I said, I view it as a gimme.

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