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You know, I’m all for liking actors who are immensely talented because they’re immensely talented…but every so often, you just have to go with the gut reaction, “Mmm, pretty”.   It’s not reasonable, sure, but it’s part of why some actors are cast.   And if you’re me,  you go for the ones that everyone else is thinking, “Him?  Really?”

In some ways, it’s really quite shameful, considering I’ve sat through an awful lot of crap for the ones I find irrationally attractive.

Nobody squees quite like J.D. squees, so this post is in his honor.

The following are the certified beloved actors of 1,416 and Counting, simply for the fact of…uh… “Mmm.  Pretty.”

ADRIEN BRODY – I sat through King Kong for you.   P.S.:  Make some better movies.   P.P.S.:   What’s with the wanna-be rapper stuff?  It’s seriously harshing my pretty buzz over here, Adrien.   The man rocks a suit, that’s for sure.

CHRISTIAN BALE – I have no problems with your movie choices, Christian, not even Newsies.   Please salvage Terminator 4 for me.  Yay!   John Connor will finally be smokin’!

CILLIAN MURPHY – Have a sandwich or seven.   You’ve got those very nice cheekbones and pretty blue eyes but you look like you weigh approximately seven and a half ounces, Cillian.   I’m worried you may break, and then where would I be?   Also, there’s no marks against you for movie choices, at least none that I know of.


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Please, sir, can I have some more? (Trailer below is all in Russian, no subtitles, but it’s worth the looksey. I promise. Pretty please, click on it and take a look.)

Okay, first of all, if you know anything about me you know that I have this crazy, odd affinity for Russians and Russia in general, so I’m totally ready to pony up for a theater ticket to see Admiral Kolchak, even though I had no idea who Admiral Kolchak actually was until I Wikipedia’d him (warning, here be SPOILERS, ’cause, you know.) Sue me, a lot of my Russian history knowledge, which is woefully limited, is pretty much from 1917 onwards.

Secondly, this movie has Konstantin freakin’ Khabensky in it, so I’m double there. If I could put two of me in the movie theater, I would. Like a lot of people here in America, I had no idea who Khabensky was; actually, here in America I can’t recall the last time a real Russian film was actually hyped up over here. I learned of Khabensky through the Watch movies; Night Watch and Day Watch, which if memory serves me right, are two of the most successful movies in Russian film history. (Also, I must admit, my Russian film viewing is woefully limited as well. You’d think for someone who’s a growing Russophiliac, I’d have some idea of Russian film but…no.)

Thirdly, I dig war/action movies like whoa.

On a more shallow note, Khabensky’s really, really ridiculously good-looking (to me, personally) so I’m triple there. Shallow? Sad? Reaching a new low? Perhaps. Let’s face it; I like to look at pretty things, mmkay?

Am I there? I’m there. I’m so there.

Here in America, it’ll be released as Admiral, I believe, but the only release date that’s listed via IMDB is a November ’08 release for Russia. Come on, Russian film industry! Hook a poor girl up.

Also, I have no idea what they’re saying in the trailer nor what the words say. Cyrillic alphabet makes my head go boom.

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