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Ah, yes, G.I. Joe.  If you’re in my age range, the animated series (one of many, I understand?) was a staple in your cartoon diet, along with X-Men, if you had ANY sense at all as an 8 year old kid.

I never watched that much G.I. Joe; I tended to gravitate much more towards the X-Men animated series..es…but I do have to say, once I heard they were making G.I. Joe into a movie, I was stoked.

I know I don’t do a lot of new, upcoming movies here.   I tend to be a boring old stick in the mud who prefers to watch crap movies from Netflix.    Hey, I still haven’t seen Iron Man and I’ve been talking that movie up for ages.   It’s just so much work to go to the theaters these days, and it involves real people sitting with you.   Ick, right?

I figured G.I. Joe can go one of two ways – the hideous, awful, crackalicious Street Fighter route, or the Iron Man/X-Men route, if we’re discussing comic book/video game adaptations.

Shockingly enough, I read quite a few “industry” blogs – Cinematical, Ain’t It Cool News, etc. — on a regular basis and I began to hear whispers of good things.   Geek favorite Ray Park was going to be in it.   Dennis freakin’ Quaid got cast much to my delight, because who can pull off cheesy dialogue in such an overly serious manner than Quaid?   Let’s not kid ourselves, Dennis Quaid was probably cleaning the bathtubs and gutters at his house when the producers called, because honestly, what has Dennis Quaid been doing with his career recently other than letting it rot?

Yeah, I thought so.

And then today, I clicked on a glorious link at Cinematical and it showed me this…

That is Christopher Eccleston.   That guy excels at playing nasty, mean men and not just because he’s English, either.   (Bad guy in Hollywood is English, nine times out of ten, right?)   You may remember him from Heroes (whatevs) or my personal favorite, Gone In Sixty Seconds – that is, the remake.   Don’t snigger at me from your computer because I consider you informed that yes, I am addicted to disgusting Nic Cage action films and one of the reasons I own that movie is because of Eccleston.   Dude. Is. Awesome.

(Oh yeah, and he played Doctor Who or something, I don’t know.)

If you want to see the rest of the photos of the cast, click here for the redirect to Cinematical.

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