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We follow up the awesomeness of Part III with the semi-crap of Part IV.

We’re back with Kristen, who seems to be leading a normal, teenage life along with Kincaid and Joey, and Kristen has a new group of friends, even – the shy Alice, Alice’s brother Rick who is also Kristen’s boyfriend, smarty pants Sheila, and exercise obsessed Debbie.

(Kristen in this one is played by some other chick, and not Patricia Arquette like in Part III.)

Everything’s fun and games until Kristen feels that Freddy’s coming back, which doesn’t sit well with Kincaid and Joey, who tell her to leave it alone and that Freddy’s dead.  Joey (who can now speak) tells her that if she keeps thinking about Krueger all the time, she might actually stir him up, and so they advise her to drop it.

Now, we all know what happens to people who doubt Freddy returning in this franchise, so…sayonara, Joey and Kincaid.  It was nice knowing you (especially Joey, who I thought was adorable when I was a kid).


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A Nightmare on Elm Street opens appropriately enough with a nightmare.

Tina dreams she is stuck in some wonky, steam-filled boiler room while Freddy Krueger is stalking her.  Of course, Tina has no idea who Krueger is, or what he’s doing, just that he’s terrifying and got sharp nasty razors on his fingers.   Fun dream!

She screams herself awake and her mother busts through the door, checking dutifully on Tina before admonishing her to cut her nails because she could seriously hurt herself.  Tina looks down to four slash marks cut through her nightgown in horror.

Unsettled, Tina puts on her best pink bandanna and heads to school.   If you’re going to be terrified of the boogeyman, you’d better do it in style, yo.

Tina meets up with Glen and Nancy, her two friends, and briefly discusses the creepy nightmare and that burned-up dude in the sweater and fedora.   They both kind of laugh it off and go into school.   Losers.

Later that night, Tina has a little slumber party over at her house where she invites Glen and Nancy and we are introduced to her jerk and a half boyfriend, Rod.   You can tell just by his name what a complete tool he is, and he shows up in true jerkface style, scaring the hell out of everyone by scraping a yard implement across a metal shed, reminding Tina of that nightmare.


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I really don’t ever remember a time when Freddy Krueger was scary to me.   Entertaining?  Yeah, sure, but scary, never.   I find myself weirdly fascinated by people who do find Krueger scary.   On a whole, I can see how he can be terrifying; he haunts your dreams, he wears that freaky red and green sweater with the nasty fedora, he’s all burned and he’s got that horrible glove with the razor-sharp claws.   Even better, before he became the pure personification of evil, he was a vile child killer who was hunted down, lynch-mob style, by a bunch of angry parents and set on fire.

So, yeah, he’s creepy and he’s villainous, but Freddy Krueger is so much fun to watch, in the end.   The Nightmare movies devolved over time from seriously scaring people into movies built around cool concepts of how Freddy Krueger could hack apart six or seven teenagers a movie in new-fangled ways.

I’m doing all seven movies plus the bonus features this week, but does anyone remember the Freddy Krueger TV show?   Because I do…

I guess this week more than anything will be a test of my fortitude, considering some of the awfulness contained in the Nightmare series, but hopefully I’ll make it through okay.


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Ah, Nightmare on Elm Street. A great classic series, no?

In honor of the fact that I splurged bought the entire series on DVD, Monday, September 1st will start my Nightmare on Elm Street week, where I’ll review the entire series plus whatever else I can scrounge up on it.

Don’t like Freddy that much? Not a horror fan? Don’t worry, stick around – I’ll have other stuff up too.

Because nothing says scary quite like that freaktastic sweater.

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