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  • TAKEN (September 19th)

What’s odd is that for a movie hitting in September, I had a difficult time finding a poster (quoi?! I know, right) but I did find this trailer, which makes me much happier, actually. Liam Neeson is a dad that sends his 17 year old daughter off to Paris for a vacation and she and her friend get kidnapped. Liam Neeson has some sort of mad super skills to really hurt the guys that did this, so he sets off to find his daughter and totally beat some dudes up.

Pros: Whoa, Liam Neeson, who is getting on up there but still smokin’; pissed Liam Neeson is hot; Pierre Morel, the director, also directed Banlieue 13, one of my favorite French movie crack films; Liam Neeson kicking butt is going to be rad, y’all.

Cons: The daughter and the wife, just from the trailer, bore me to tears. More Liam, please.

  • EAGLE EYE (September 26th)

Two people get set up for something another. Whatever. Guns. Action. I’m there.

Pros: Shia LaBeouf is adorably charming in a geekish sort of way; this is from the guy who directed Disturbia which actually wasn’t a half-bad Rear Window rip off; I’m not expecting greatness here, just mind-numbing action.

Cons: Billy Bob Thornton is still alive?; that lady’s voice on the phone doesn’t creep me out, it just annoys me to no end; I am afraid, eventually, they will find one million and one ways to sequelize this.


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