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Oh, come on, whoever nominated this! This movie isn’t awful! It’s cute. Have a heart!


It’s pretty much just the story of Spongebob and his starfish friend Patrick saving Mr. Krabs from Plankton, the evil little sea creature who wants to rule the world, but it’s goofy and funny. Keeping in mind that this is really made for little kids, it’s not bad for a grown-up to watch, either. Certainly I wouldn’t be dying to see it ever again, but it was far more bearable than High School Musical and it looks like Gone With The Wind compared to Ax ‘Em.

It’s just a cute piece of fluff for kids.

No harm done here! Someone actually hated this?


Plus, it’s got this man in it:


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but David Hasselhoff made this movie better.

In fact, I quite like Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie. I really don’t have much fascinating to say about it, because…well…I liked it a fair bit and it doesn’t feel right to shamelessly mock it.

(Shut up!)

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