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So…I’m partially alive, I promise.   Real life events have been crazy here at 1,416 and Counting headquarters!   And I’m still trying to fully process Manos:  Hands of Fate…because…well…I think it might have lowered my IQ about eighty-five points.   (I only had 100 points to start with too, so, drats!)

However, I AM attending a fantabulously glittery sparkly screening of Twilight tomorrow, so I guess you’ll know soon if the LULZ are worth it or not.

But, I did have to share this with you.   Coraline is a new stop-motion film coming out and by all accounts, it looks fantastic.   Take note, viral marketers of movies, because this is wise:   Check out what Cleolinda and Despoiler got for Coraline.   Now that is a ton of awesome and a half.    (Me?  Envious.  Of course.   That way beats the nine thousand promotional e-mails I get from PR firms promoting movies that um….I will probably never see.   Sorry, random PR firms that e-mail me often.   It’s just…I’m not fond of romantic comedies, you see, if you…you know…read my blog.)


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Some Random Blog Notes

  • If your blog isn’t in the blogroll here and you want it to be, either drop me a comment here or e-mail me at 1416andcounting@gmail.com; I’m mucking with the sidebars this week and I’ll get it updated.
  • Reader’s Choice technically opened yesterday, but I haven’t received any of my movies yet from Netflix.   Drats!   Foiled again!   As soon as I get them, the reviews should start flowing in.   From now until finishing time, we’ll see how brain-melty I get.  If you want to check out progress on Reader’s Choice, Worst Movies Ever, you can check the tab up top and I’ll put status updates there.

Questions?  Comments?

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You’ve only got a few days left to get in your nominees for Worst Movie Ever for me to review for the next Reader’s Choice that starts on November 1st.

I’m dutifully preparing by watching comfort movies well in advance (tonight?  Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) to gear my mind up for the slew of awful that will be entering my brain shortly.

Feel free to leave comments here with recommendations; if you need to check the original post, it’s here.

And because I’m a sneaky snake, let’s add in one more thing while we’re here:   How do you guys feel about me putting up ads on the site?   Yay or nay?   I ask only because for the site’s birthday, I think I’m going to buy my own snazzy domain name and move to my own hosting, yay!   (That’s in February, but it’s never too early to start thinking ahead, eh?)

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Blog Notes

Three posts in one day.  Can you handle it?

Before I turn in for the night, here’s some random stuff to keep you updated:

*  If you have my old e-mail address saved somewhere, you need to update it to 1416andcounting@gmail.com.  Much obliged.

*  You can now follow the blog (and what’s arriving and departing for Netflix) on Twitter HERE.

*  Since I am a hermit am very dedicated to the Internets, an index will go up in the next couple of weeks of every movie I’ve reviewed.   More caffeine, please…

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Ah, Nightmare on Elm Street. A great classic series, no?

In honor of the fact that I splurged bought the entire series on DVD, Monday, September 1st will start my Nightmare on Elm Street week, where I’ll review the entire series plus whatever else I can scrounge up on it.

Don’t like Freddy that much? Not a horror fan? Don’t worry, stick around – I’ll have other stuff up too.

Because nothing says scary quite like that freaktastic sweater.

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I know it’s been forever and eight days since I’ve updated, but I promise there’s some good stuff coming. I have been working on real-life stuff, shockingly enough, and hopefully I can get some good stuff up tonight.

In the next few days, you’ll probably see a few changes to the blog in the sidebar and the header, but nothing too major. Just some late spring cleaning going on.

What I want to know is content-wise, is there anything you’re just clamoring for that I’m not giving you? Tell me, my sweets, so I can get on it posthaste.

Sorry for the delay, dearest visitors – apologies all around.

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I know some of you LAMBs out there read this blog so I humbly throw myself upon your mercies and ask that you submit to the LAMB Chops feature.   What do you have to do?   Not much — all you have to do is e-mail me a post from your blog or another LAMB blog from the week of April 27 to May 3 that you want to see recognized!   That’s it!   That’s all!

I ask because I see a lot of people out there who are LAMBs who deserve to be recognized for crazy-good work, and I don’t want to freakily submit 3 posts a week under something that Fletch over at the LAMB has kindly let me manage.  That’s just despotic!

You can e-mail me directly at texasmoviequeen@gmail.com.   New LAMB Chops go up every Wednesday, so I’m looking forward to seeing some really good stuff!

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