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Three posts in one day.  Can you handle it?

Before I turn in for the night, here’s some random stuff to keep you updated:

*  If you have my old e-mail address saved somewhere, you need to update it to 1416andcounting@gmail.com.  Much obliged.

*  You can now follow the blog (and what’s arriving and departing for Netflix) on Twitter HERE.

*  Since I am a hermit am very dedicated to the Internets, an index will go up in the next couple of weeks of every movie I’ve reviewed.   More caffeine, please…

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Ah, Nightmare on Elm Street. A great classic series, no?

In honor of the fact that I splurged bought the entire series on DVD, Monday, September 1st will start my Nightmare on Elm Street week, where I’ll review the entire series plus whatever else I can scrounge up on it.

Don’t like Freddy that much? Not a horror fan? Don’t worry, stick around – I’ll have other stuff up too.

Because nothing says scary quite like that freaktastic sweater.

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I know it’s been forever and eight days since I’ve updated, but I promise there’s some good stuff coming. I have been working on real-life stuff, shockingly enough, and hopefully I can get some good stuff up tonight.

In the next few days, you’ll probably see a few changes to the blog in the sidebar and the header, but nothing too major. Just some late spring cleaning going on.

What I want to know is content-wise, is there anything you’re just clamoring for that I’m not giving you? Tell me, my sweets, so I can get on it posthaste.

Sorry for the delay, dearest visitors – apologies all around.

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I know some of you LAMBs out there read this blog so I humbly throw myself upon your mercies and ask that you submit to the LAMB Chops feature.   What do you have to do?   Not much — all you have to do is e-mail me a post from your blog or another LAMB blog from the week of April 27 to May 3 that you want to see recognized!   That’s it!   That’s all!

I ask because I see a lot of people out there who are LAMBs who deserve to be recognized for crazy-good work, and I don’t want to freakily submit 3 posts a week under something that Fletch over at the LAMB has kindly let me manage.  That’s just despotic!

You can e-mail me directly at texasmoviequeen@gmail.com.   New LAMB Chops go up every Wednesday, so I’m looking forward to seeing some really good stuff!

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