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Laurence Fishburne!

Laurence Fishburne

Is there anything Laurence Fishburne can’t do?   He does every genre of film.   He was in Apocalypse Now, The Matrix, a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.   Hell,  he made a forgettable gangster part in the Assault on Precinct 13 remake sharp as hell and interesting as all get out.   (I totally forget Gabriel Byrne plays the baddie in this movie because of Laurence’s awesome part.)

Dude is smooth as hell and has one amazing voice.   Oh Lord, that voice; I may be in the minority here but I’ve always found him to be so damn attractive.   And he was effing Morpheus.   Shit, I even rewatch Event Horizon for him.

He’s a fantabulous actor and easy on the eyes.   Congrats, Mr. October.   (I’m sure that honorary doctorate pales in comparison to this stunning award, right?)

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