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For Allison, I believe, who requested it.   Ask (and if I agree), you shall receive.


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Start throwing your undergarments, ladies.   Hey, has anyone watched Lie To Me?  Is it any good?

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Why are there so many holiday themed horror movies?  Halloween I can understand, but Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and now April Fool’s Day?   Gracious.   Does this mean some day I can look forward to President’s Day, where the reanimated corpses of former U.S. Presidents rise from their graves to fight an ancient evil?

Okay, so President’s Day would be kind of awesome; you know George Washington would run around punishing liars with that axe he used to chop down a cherry tree.  Abraham Lincoln would emancipate some folks from breathing and Teddy Roosevelt could run around beating people to death with big sticks.


Non-spoilery:   It’s April Fool’s Day and Spring Break.  A group of friends are traveling to their mutual friend Muffy St. John’s (yes, that is her name in the movie) isolated rural mansion for a week of fun and frivolity.  When they arrive, however, people start disappearing and dying in strange ways.  Muffy acts bizarrely and there’s no boat coming to the island the St. John’s own to pick anyone up.   What follows is a combination of a slasher flick and an older, Agatha Christie style murder mystery.

Spoilers behind the cut.


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