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Behold, friends, Romans and countrymen, and lend me your eyes, for I give you gratuitous Robert Downey, Jr.:


I’d like to say I was there on the RDJ-Love Train from the beginning, but I wasn’t.   I’m so glad Iron Man has brought him back on the radar of Hot Dudes, because he stole a chunk of my heart right out of my chest in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and I haven’t seen it since.   Bobby Downey, I’d like it if you returned that, please.   (If you haven’t seen Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang?   Please go see it.   As a favor to yourself, not me, because never has a movie earned the terms “snappy” and “zing-y” more than that one.)

And behind the cut, some really gratuitous RDJ for your viewing pleasure.


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Congratulations to the following winner and runners-up of the Worst Movies Ever contest…

Winner:  Scott from He Shot Cyrus, who broke my brain with the worst movie of all time (Begotten).

Runners-up:   Jason from Invasion of the B Movies who nominated Troll 2, Joseph at Cinexcellence who nominated Manos:  The Hands of Fate, and Sir Jorge at Scary Film Review who nominated Ax ‘Em.

Scott receives some super-secret prizes and each runner up receives a free DVD of a movie that actually doesn’t suck.   (You guys are getting brand-new copies of movies that are my personal favorites, so I’m crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that you don’t own any of them.)

You guys need to e-mail me so I can get your addresses.   Prizes go out in the mail next Saturday so you need to get me your information by that time, please.

Congrats, guys!   And thanks for putting me in some serious mental pain for the past few months.   Thanks to everyone else that submitted as well.

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