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#1530: The Blob (1988)

I’m not going to lie.   The original is much better.


The original is fun ’50’ sci-fi with that added zing of Cold War paranoia.   The remake is not.

The Blob remake is the same old story:  a small town, some good-lookin’ teenagers and a hobo in the woods who makes a discovery that changes his life for the worse.

vlcsnap-1355938I know Kevin Dillon with a mullet on a motorcycle should satisfy my eighties cheese cravings, but if I want mullets and motorcycles?   I’m rockin’ out to The Lost Boys, thank you very much.

Kevin Dillon is the bad boy in town.  He’s the kind of kids the parents bitch and moan about being “serious trouble” although mainly he just seems to drink and ride his motorcycle in a fashion that violates the town’s noise ordinance.   Paul is a local high school football player who has a crush on Meg, a popular cheerleader, and the night he chooses to take her out on a date is the night The Blob falls to Earth in a meteor.

The unlucky town is introduced to The Blob via the aforementioned poor hobo, who gets Strawberry Jell-O on his hand and wanders out into the road and literally intersects with Paul,  Meg and Brian (mulleted Kevin Dillon).


Since matters are that two of them are fine upstanding citizens and one just wants to make growly noises on his motorcycle (and also may have been coerced into going to the hospital with them), Mr. Hobo is piled into the back of Paul’s car and offloaded at the town hospital, which houses the most unsympathetic nursing staff ever.    It’s not long until Paul realizes that something very bad is happening to Mr. Now Neglected Hobo, but it’s too late for him.


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