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A Few Things

So, I believe the Worst Movies Ever are officially over.   To those of you whose films I did not review – my apologies, but Netflix did not stock them.  I still have them in my queue for the future, if and when they become available.

Rest assured, I’m using the next few days to refresh my memory on all the shit you guys threw my way in order to declare a winner and some runners up.   Just so you know where that’s going.

Now, I have an enormous stack of movies to review, a screener movie, and some other miscellaneous stuff.   And I’ve been obsessively perusing movie news but goddamn, it is slow out there right now.   The last news story I read was James Cameron’s way over budget on Avatar.   This is only news if you didn’t know that James Cameron goes over budget on every damn movie he makes.   It’s that kind of slow-like-molasses time for movies in general on the internet, which makes me bored.   Jesus.   But…even with stuff to do and things to look up and news to not care about…

For some random reason, I had to sit down and rewatch The Usual Suspects because it does not get much better than Gabriel Byrne as Dean Keaton, yes?


If only Keaton hadn’t run afoul of Keyser Soze, eh?  Sigh.

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