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Hello, Gorgeous

J.D. and I were discussing in the comments on the last post about Eli Roth’s attractiveness and I came to the startling realization that I find Mr. Roth to be hot, in that smoking hot, fan yourself and stick your head in the freezer to cool off kind of way.   But!  Wait!   It didn’t used to be that way.   I used to think he was so homely!   How did this happen – this slow build to fancying the pants off him, as they say?

That’s not even a rhetorical question.   I want someone to explain this to me, dammit.

(It’s partly his arms. The more he shows those arms, the more I get what old fashioned ladies in my neck of the woods used to call ‘the vapors’.)

I give up.   Let’s not hate, let’s appreciate:


I mean, really now.  Stare long enough at that, walk away for a bit, and see if your opinion of Eli Roth changes.   Maybe?



I was compelled to post this one.   Compelled, I say!   Why?  I look at this picture and hear in my head, “Five syllables:  DE-REK ZOO-LAN-DER”.   I can still laugh at Eli Roth at this point.  A few months from now?   I’ll probably be a Rothian pod person, so sorry, dudes.  No more laughter after that.


The hat. The arms!   The stubble.  The swoon!   Oh goodness me, the HAT.  I’ve got ten imaginary dollars that Mr. Roth is a huge Spice World fan.  (You know you like it too, shush.)

And I know some of you might hate the Hostel flicks, but look at his face:

amd_rothHave a heart.

(Some of these photos were taken off Eli Roth’s Super Awesome Official MySpace Thingy.  Uh…here’s hoping no one gets pissed about that.)

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