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Ahhh, Yes.

I felt mired in drudgery today after sitting through another – another! – Lindsay Lohan movie last night.       I felt a trifle worried about finishing the worst movies ever.   How would I finish?    How many different ways can I say “this movie sucks” without becoming a repetitious bore?  (Oops.  Too late.)

And then I read John Scalzi’s column over at AMC on why video game movie adaptations by and large blow chunks and this buoys me a bit:

Up until recently the nation of Germany allowed for some nice tax benefits if its citizens invested in film production. This in turn benefited a German director named Uwe Boll, who went about snapping up the movie rights to a number of video game titles and cranking them out fast and cheap. This was a nice set-up for Boll, since he’s been able to make a nice living playing filmmaker. It wasn’t nice for us, because Uwe Boll makes movies like monkeys drive trucks.

The phrase “Uwe Boll makes movies like monkeys drive trucks” is enough to give me a little more vigor.

That, and Eli Roth introducing Torso at the New Beverly Cinema.  Sure, Eli may not be my favorite actor but I like his movies.   And his arms.


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