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Academy Awards Liveblog

There’s so many questions for tonight. Will we see a new and exciting Oscar broadcast? Will there be any surprises? More importantly, will we see Hugh Jackman shirtless? Deep, meaningful questions, you know.

Right now, they’re running the red carpet so as soon as the actual ceremony starts, I’ll be blogging with updates at every commercial break, so there you go.

My reviews of the Best Picture Nominees will be up shortly as I have just now fully recovered from sitting in a theater all day yesterday, but I have to say thanks to the great AMC people who let me and Ajay attend yesterday. Thanks, guys!

And in case you’re wondering, the nasty sinus infection I have is not doing anything but exacerbating my natural combination of cynicism and sarcasm.

7:30: Duly impressed by the curtain that seems to be made entirely out of diamonds. They probably had Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio back stage weaving that in exchange for the two finally getting a damn Oscar.

7:37: Hugh Jackman is knocking out a powerful musical number surrounded by sets that look purposely constructed from salvage yard materials. Poor Hugh Jackman. He’s not a great singer but you can tell he’s hearkening back to Billy Crystal. Incidentally, he does sing better than Billy Crystal, that’s for sure.

7:39: Hugh is talking to Mickey Rourke and holy shit, does Mickey look like an ex-pat drug dealer from Tijuana? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT SILVER FRONT TOOTH, Mickey Roarke? You crazy, crazy man.

7:42: Woah, they brought back Tilda Swinton, Eva Marie Saint, Whoopie Goldbert, Goldie Hawn and Anjelica Huston for this award? Tilda, incidentally looks fiercely amazing, even though she’s wearing a knotted up flour sack. With lipstick.

Also, I love that they wrote a Sister Act joke for Whoopie Goldberg…but the ass-kissing overkill that each lady is introducing is eyerolling. “Love is timeless”, eh, Goldie Hawn? Yeah, no shit.

Cruz wins the award for Vicky Cristina Barcelona…I have no comment. I hate Woody Allen films. Yeah, go ahead, eviscerate me in the comments. I HATE WOODY ALLEN AND I WILL NOT BE ASHAMED. But Cruz is pretty sweet.


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