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Please Excuse The Mess

This weekend it’s my goal to start getting the blog set up under its own domain and everything nifty like that so we shall see how that goes.   If stuff goes a little haywire, my apologies and please stick with me, since I’m definitely technology-challenged.  Hmm.

A friendly reminder that Saturday I’ll be tweeting all day at the AMC Best Picture Showcase here in Dallas with reader Ajay, so check out my twitter and follow along if that’s your thing.

…And lastly, since all the cool kids are doing it, I have an Amazon store.   No, really!  All you have to do is click here and surf through it (it’s in the very early stages).   Hmph.  You can also click on the link in the sidebar.

That’s about it for now, I think.   Wait, am I forgetting something?   No?  Yes.   Yes…maybe?   Who knows.

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