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THANKS, QUENTIN.  You really are going to get this movie out right on time, aren’t you?

A few notes:

I do not know how I feel about that accent of Brad Pitt’s or his line delivery.   This may be something where it’s better in the context of the film than ripped out in a trailer, but my emotions seem to be on a teeter-totter regarding Pitt at the moment.

Also, this looks different from what I imagined but nonetheless cool.   I still want to see it.

What I’m dreading is the numbing feeling that I may have to issue a certified Internet apology to Eli Roth.   That man is fucking creepy in that trailer, man.   Between the baseball bat, the smirk and the lurking behind Pitt, I’m kind of afraid that I’m going to have to admit that um…Eli Roth might have been a good fit for this film.

And now my dearests, I turn it over to you – what do you think?   Does QT practically have $10 of your money already or what?

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