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#1509: Taken



I have to say Pierre Morel really knows how to do an action movie for folks who love action movies.   Taken has about thirty minutes of non-action in order to set up the story and justify Liam Neeson’s actions in the rest of the movie, but they’re effectively and smartly used minutes.   The rest of the movie?   Is just Liam Neeson ripping Paris up from one end to the other while kicking ass, taking names and delivering well placed blows to the neck of human traffickers in a serious, effective manner.   No funny puns or snide quips here; Taken is a bit more realistic than your average action movie.   It won’t be forever remembered as one of the greats, but I loved it.   It gives what it promised and it duly entertains; you get bang for your buck, if you’ll allow the phrase and you’re never cheated.

Now that the regular criticism is over?

OH GOOD GOD, did I ever adore it.   Oh, it’s going right up there with Speed, y’all, mainly because of Liam Neeson.   I know that I spout off endlessly about how much I adore the man, but he actually did a really good job here and not just in the asskickery (although he excelled at that).   Really, I promise I’m not totally shallow although I won’t fail to point out how nice that man looks in a suit – really, really nice – but he makes every second good.   For one, I was astonished that Famke Janssen took the nasty ex-wife role and made her a little more palatable and sympathetic than most movies would dare to try, so that was nice.

But Liam?   He is the reason to see this, hands down.   Liam Neeson going kung-fu crazy ass (or is it Krav Maga crazy ass, these days?) on Albanian sex traffickers might be some pure, unadulterated movie heroin in Caitlinworld; it’s a very good thing.

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