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This movie is like unintentional tragedy dressed in polyester.   It’s so stupid, so far off the mark, so wrong – that I have no clue where to start with it.

The only good thing this movie gave us is the inspiration for Michael Bolton’s scheme in Office Space.

Dear God, may all memory of this one flash from my brain.

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So…the Oscar nominees were announced today.

Is anyone excited?

I’m less than enthused.   I’m bored, actually.   Bored because movies like The Case of Benjamin Button and Doubt don’t look entertaining to me, they look like boring rehashes or tests of mental fortitude and endurance.   Some movies, however, are created as Oscar bait and thus, I accept this and I move on.

Until I see some ho ass shit like this:


For the love of Christ, Academy, are you joking with me?   Yes, I know all about the feel good story of Slumdog Millionaire and while I wasn’t chomping at the bit to see it, I can guarantee you that after all of the incessant hype about HOW! AWESOME!  DANNY BOYLE”S MOVIE is, I’d rather spend a night curled up with Mortal Kombat II than Slumdog Millionaire.   And out of all the movies released this year on God’s good sweet freakin’ earth, you could not find another one to nominate besides two from Slumdog?

I am not pissed about The Dark Knight not being included in the Best Picture category; The Dark Knight set a new standard for comic book films but was entertaining and good, not great.   Big deal.


Academy members did get the joke of nominating Robert Downey, Jr. for that role, right?

The fact that I am suspicious that they may have not gotten the joke is I think evidence enough of how exceedingly boring and stupid this awards show is going to be.    Am I going to watch it?  OF COURSE.    Does that mean I have to be nice?   Of course not.    Will I mock Meryl Streep?   Oh, I am so going there.

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