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Man, this movie is depressing.


Depressingly bad, that is.

I really feel terrible for Al Pacino.   He’s had a fairly illustrious, remarkable cinematic career.   He’s made some knockout films; he’s made some bad ones, yes, but when you think of Al Pacino, you think of The Godfather, Dog Day Afternoon and Serpico.   Someone as storied as Al Pacino deserves two things; one, to age in his career gracefully and to have an agent who makes him refuse movies such as these.    At this point, Pacino is seven-eighths of the way to being a cheap punchline to an “old and senile” styled joke.   At this stage of the game, Al doesn’t have many more movies left in him, I don’t think, and to end it on such a painful looking, steep decline makes me awfully down.

88 Minutes is the story of Jack Gramm, an internationally renowned forensic investigator and the kind of guy who’s best known by the American public for testifying in lurid murder trials.   Nine years prior to the start of the movie, Gramm is the only solid expert in a serial murder case.   His testimony and opinions help convict a man, John Forrester, of gruesomely murdering a young girl and torturing her twin sister.   Gramm’s testimony is the linchpin in a case that otherwise rests on shaky circumstantial evidence.   Understandably, Forrester is pissed about this and leaves Gramm with some final words of warning:  “Tick tock, tick tock.”

Nine years later, murders begin happening again in the same style and fashion as the earlier slayings and Jack Gramm receives a phone call informing him that he has 88 minutes to live.   From there, he chases all over town, attempting to find out who is behind the murders, the set-up that Gramm is a copycat killer and attempting to save those around him.

Imagine if you will, two very different magicians.

Yes, I said magicians – follow me here, I promise.


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