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#1503: Superman II

I think that if I watched Superman III and Superman IV for Worst Movies Ever and I didn’t watch Superman II first, Kevin would hunt me down, find out where I live and smother me in my sleep.


I could list all the various things that are great and good about Superman II, but we’d be here all damn year with me listing out the ways.   I actually much prefer it over the first movie and I think the only thing I waffle on is the special effects.   Sure, they look dated but I can’t figure out how corny they would’ve been when Superman II initially hit theaters.

I guess to put it in perspective and save you from a long, rambling post about how lovely I find this one, I’ll say that I put Superman II as the cinematic equivalent of two fingers of whiskey on the rocks.   And as anyone who really knows me well understands, I love me some whiskey, so that should put it high on the list of movies to love.

Man, now I really miss Christopher Reeve.

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Holy Hell

Some great person on Youtube has now made it possible for everyone to see every fight scene from Taken.   To that person, I say a hearty thanks.

Ladies, if your ovaries didn’t just explode like Fourth of July fireworks in a glittering cavalcade of joy and amazement, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Is it wrong that I’m booking my tickets RIGHT NOW?

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