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You guys, I’m not normally uber-attached to things, but I am uber-attached to this little blog.   That’s why I’ve decided to at least outline some of the changes that will be happening this year for the blog for two reasons:  one, so anyone who reads on a regular basis has a good idea of what to expect, and two, if I publish it, I’ll (sadly) be more motivated to get it done.

First things first:   The blog will eventually (probably starting in late February) be moved over to it’s own domain and you’ll see some design changes.   Why am I telling you this?   Well, I’m kind of computer challenged, so it’ll be a learning process.   Things might go a little pear-shaped from time to time, so I’m warning you in advance and asking anyone to please bear with me when stuff does change.

And now, on to the fun stuff:

I swear to God, I am going to get Reader’s Choice finished ONE OF THESE DAYS.   Right now Scott’s in the running to win my fantabulous, utterly glorious prize pack, but there’s still movies left.    We’ll probably kick off a new Reader’s Choice in July of this year with a new system.  I don’t think I can do 60+ movies and traffic doubles every month around here.   I would be scared to do every single submission every time.

And… starting this year, I’ll be doing monthly giveaways. One day in each month, I’ll do a post where you have a week to comment.   That’s all you have to do – leave a comment with your e-mail address.  I won’t be able to do it this month, but it will start up in February.   Once we’ve reached the end of the comment period, I’ll randomly draw a name out of those who commented and shoot you an e-mail to claim your prize.   Easy enough, right?   No trivia, no quizzes, no random Zen question to you have to answer to win.   Every post will have the prize announced in it so you’ll at least know what you’re winning.

Hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll have the stuff to do podcasting as well.   (Who would’ve thought, huh?)

Anyways, here’s your chance to spout off, tell me what to improve and/or tell me what you want to see in the next year.    Questions?    Comments?    Suggestions?

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