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I just now received this one due to the fact that it had been listed as a “long wait” by Netflix.   I’m assuming because there are some people out there wishing for holiday cheer by watching someone go on a complete psychopathic bender.

I wished upon doing this that I would find something so incredibly awful that it would be rip-roaringly hilarious.   Luckily for me, one arrived today.


Billy is a small boy accompanying his parents and baby brother on a delightful trip to the local mental hospital to visit his grandfather for Christmas.  After all, it’s just not Christmas without a vacation to see your drooling grandfather potentially have anti-psychotics forcibly administered.   Billy looks forward to the impending arrival of Santa Claus, but upon his arrival to the hospital he becomes terrified.   Sure, Grandpa appears to be lethargic and catatonic, but when Billy’s parents and the loony bin doctor leave the room, he grabs Billy and informs him that Santa Claus not only visits good children to reward them, he visits bad children to punish them.

Scared shitless, Billy is collected by his unknowing parents, who discuss the concept of punishment with him on the car ride back.   They stop to help a stranded motorist dressed like Santa Claus; however, they don’t realize he’s just finished robbing a convenience store down the street and brutally killing the proprietor.   I’m sure by now you can surmise that there’s no Christmas cheer headed this family’s way.


Billy survives by hiding on the side of the road, but his future is much bleaker.   Yes, he’s been punished enough already, don’t you think?


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