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I had the kind of day today that can only be summed up as “wretched”, with an extra emphasis on the last syllable.   Flat tires, mountains of work, jammed up freeways, and a myriad of other things.  To top it off, I got a sample of a new perfume that smelled good at first whiff but as the day wore on, I realized it made me smell like a stunning combination of roses soaked in formaldehyde, a scent which undoubtedly made me charm everyone that came upon my path.

So, I trudged home fully expecting to eviscerate this one.   I was in a bad mood, dammit!   Awful filmmakers beware!    I watched this when and went, “Ehhh.”

Plus, upon reflection, I’m having the kind of dessert that is liquid and comes in a highball glass.   Impaired judgment?   I think not.  I prefer to think of it as kindness distilled by Russians.

Let’s get the good out of the way first.   Whenever I receive movies now that I know nothing about, have received no promotion and generally look like the kind of movies I could pick up in the Wal-Mart $5 bin, I assume that they will turn out like Ax ‘Em or Manos.   Shitty sound quality, cinematically drab, and a story that would make a nun utter barely intelligible streams of profanity.    Fear of Clowns is not so.   You can hear it.   You can see it rather well.   The story’s alright.   At this point, my perspective is so altered I consider that good.


Lynn is an artist with a paralyzing fear of clowns.   Oddly enough, Lynn seems to overcome that drastic phobia by painting clowns.   A rough and tumble divorce proceeding certainly isn’t helping her mixed up life, especially when you add in a wealthy suitor who Lynn isn’t quite sure about.   Things get worse when a clown that looks suspiciously like the one in her paintings begins to stalk her.

Actually, stalk isn’t really the right word.   “Lurk” is more the word I’m searching for.   In fact, the clown does so much lurking, it’s irritating.   Every time he shows up, you can count on two things:   “Shivers the Clown” hiding in the shadows, being all Lurky McLurkerson, and Shivers moving as slow as a herd of turtles.


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