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So, with the Thanksgiving holidays and everything, my Netflix shipments have been backed up.  This is actually pretty good, because it’s been giving my brain a break from all those awful, awful movies I’ve been watching (I feel a little fried, I can’t lie), so tonight I’m making hot chocolate and tucking in with Witness, which I have not seen in approximately ten years and eight days.  Viggo Mortensen’s first film role and all that.   Plus, Amish people! Who doesn’t love the Amish?  I hear they make fantastic quilts…and friendship bread.

And any thoughts of forming coherent thoughts about any movies whatsoever flew out the window when I saw this … first pictures of Bale and Depp in Public Enemies. Michael Mann, you have just put my rear end in a theater seat.

So that’s all for now.  Once my new movies get here, I guess I’ll have something more, although I suspect I’ll need to dig out the thesaurus I haven’t used in ages.   I’m getting sick of using the word “awful” over and over and over again.

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