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Entertain Me, Yo!

Oh my god, y’all. I have been waiting in the world’s most boring line for Twilight and I am surrounded by some hardcore fangirls. Please send a hug and some Stoli my way, dearests.

All I can say is that this line is more epic than my line for The Dark Knight and that I fear the girl sitting next to me did not appreciate my sparkle joke and may, in fact, wait to jump me when reach the safety of the dark.

Until then, any entertainment would be much obliged.

Thank heavens for PDAs.

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So…I’m partially alive, I promise.   Real life events have been crazy here at 1,416 and Counting headquarters!   And I’m still trying to fully process Manos:  Hands of Fate…because…well…I think it might have lowered my IQ about eighty-five points.   (I only had 100 points to start with too, so, drats!)

However, I AM attending a fantabulously glittery sparkly screening of Twilight tomorrow, so I guess you’ll know soon if the LULZ are worth it or not.

But, I did have to share this with you.   Coraline is a new stop-motion film coming out and by all accounts, it looks fantastic.   Take note, viral marketers of movies, because this is wise:   Check out what Cleolinda and Despoiler got for Coraline.   Now that is a ton of awesome and a half.    (Me?  Envious.  Of course.   That way beats the nine thousand promotional e-mails I get from PR firms promoting movies that um….I will probably never see.   Sorry, random PR firms that e-mail me often.   It’s just…I’m not fond of romantic comedies, you see, if you…you know…read my blog.)

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