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I don’t even give one damn what the plot of the sequel is – just bring on more of Flanery and Reedus.

I’m sure people are pretty evenly divided into the love/hate category on this, but hell, I’ll be first in line to see it, even with Flanery’s Lucky Charms Irish accent and astonishing lack of Willem Dafoe in the sequel.

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Some Random Blog Notes

  • If your blog isn’t in the blogroll here and you want it to be, either drop me a comment here or e-mail me at 1416andcounting@gmail.com; I’m mucking with the sidebars this week and I’ll get it updated.
  • Reader’s Choice technically opened yesterday, but I haven’t received any of my movies yet from Netflix.   Drats!   Foiled again!   As soon as I get them, the reviews should start flowing in.   From now until finishing time, we’ll see how brain-melty I get.  If you want to check out progress on Reader’s Choice, Worst Movies Ever, you can check the tab up top and I’ll put status updates there.

Questions?  Comments?

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