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Flashback: May

So, guys, I’m not even going to lie.   This one may suck, for a variety of reasons:   1) The past two weeks have sucked and I feel pretty damn beat down; 2) I feel like someone pretty much beat me with a baseball bat, that’s how sore and weird I feel; 3) It looks like I’ll have to go in soon for some fun dental work!   Wow.   I hope you can feel the rays of joy bursting through your computer screen.    Can you?   I just kind of want to pull the covers over my head for a week or so and hide.  Now that I’m done moping and being vaguely whiny, let’s get on to the good stuff.

I used to go see bands play at a local club in Dallas that was about as hole in the wall as it got, and I used to get really freaked out.   I think this is the place I saw The Business play, but I can’t remember – it’s been a while.   Anyways, the club was seriously lacking in decorations aside from the usual graffiti and layers upon layers of flyers for shows that had long since passed except for one, lonely decoration above the bar:   A solitary movie poster for May.

It used to give me goosebumps the few times I walked in the place because this movie freaks the hell out of me.

(…And that’s my useless story, but I think it illustrates how damn creepy this movie is.)

We’ll start behind the cut; be forewarned of blood and nastiness ahead.


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