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I’m not the only one who thinks Max Payne is going to be kickass, right?

Forget The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Revolutionary Road, this is what I want to see. Will it have the world’s greatest plot? Of course not. Will the dialogue blow my mind? Hell no. Does it have copious amounts of guns, things blowing up and Mark Wahlberg being sulky? Oh, yes.

I’m so there. This thing is gonna be awesome! The only thing that can top it this holiday season for me is either Let The Right One In or JCVD. Now how about that?

On another note, I’ll be back to full blogging capacity tomorrow, since the past few days in Real Life have caught up to me. I’m sorry, and I’m making each and every single one of you a sparkly friendship bracelet with matching plastic lanyard keychain.

In the meantime, be excellent to one another.

SCOTT – If you’re reading this, you need to e-mail me about the blogathon because I can’t pick, so I’m making you do it for me.   I suck, I know.   But I can’t find your e-mail anywhere.   I’m going off to cry sad tears, now, Scott….

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