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Blog Notes

Three posts in one day.  Can you handle it?

Before I turn in for the night, here’s some random stuff to keep you updated:

*  If you have my old e-mail address saved somewhere, you need to update it to 1416andcounting@gmail.com.  Much obliged.

*  You can now follow the blog (and what’s arriving and departing for Netflix) on Twitter HERE.

*  Since I am a hermit am very dedicated to the Internets, an index will go up in the next couple of weeks of every movie I’ve reviewed.   More caffeine, please…

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Okay, I have the WORST case of writer’s block ever.   EVER.   Nothing’s coming to me.  No movies are enticing me.   Nothing is making me angry or blissfully happy.   Not even freaking Die Hard is working, and that’s saying something.  I can tell in a couple of days that unmitigated rage bubbling forth from my soul will cure this, as P.S. I Love You is currently en route to my place of habitation, but I just wrote a post about Guitar Hero and Brett Ratner, so here’s something tangentially related to movies that might take the edge off that.

I hate these damn things.   Death to VHS.

For those of you who still do the whole drive to the video store thing, you have a regular clerk or clerks who check you out, I’m sure.   (And not just in the whole, “That person has a nice rear,” sort of way, either.)    Be kind to them.   There should be an International Appreciate Your Video Store Clerk Day, I’m convinced.   And this relates to movies because I’m sure a lot of film geeks like me spent much of their time restocking five copies of Freddy Got Fingered while wondering why your defective copy of Seven Samurai hasn’t been replaced.

Either that, or I’ve totally lost you by now.


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