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So, word has it that Columbia’s got that crack team of people behind The Office working on making Ghostbusters III.   It’s actually something I knew would roll around eventually, given the fact that Aykroyd, Murray and Ramis have probably been asked about it for years on end.   And Cinematical even put up a list of five ways to make the new movie not suck.   Incidentally, I agree with precisely two of the points they make, and that’s it.

Now comes the sinking realization that nothing they can do will cause this to leave a good taste in anyone’s mouth who loves the previous two.   I’m a freak:  I equally love both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II, and I know a lot of folks aren’t awfully fond of II.  I know Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow are very funny people who are rumored to be involved, but I don’t want to see them traipsing through Ghostbusters.   And I certainly don’t want to see a “pass the torch to a younger generation” sort of movie, which from early accounts, is what we’ll be seeing – regardless of who is cast.

Frankly, if Aykroyd, Murray and Ramis aren’t spry enough to strap on the suits and crack about Slinkies, mold and ancient deities who are determined to destroy the earth, then the time to make this has long since passed.   For quite a while, for anyone who’s paid attention, the various cast members have asked and answered the question with a revolving door of “X person is on board, but Y person isn’t, so therefore, we can’t make it.”   Furthermore, if memory serves me correctly, Aykroyd had a Ghostbusters III script he had written and approved and all that jazz that floated around for years, waiting tenuously for cast members to attach.   (Then again, this is all from my fuzzy memory.  I could be wrong.)

The first two rested solidly on the ability of three (and later four) guys to be charmingly eccentric, and if you can’t get those guys – or convince an audience that those guys are still capable of chasing ghosts – then there’s no need to make another one.

Regardless, I’m sure if they do put a metric ton of young, funny people in it, like the folks from The Office and/or Seth Rogen and anyone involved with Judd Apatow’s productions – it will sell very well.   Will it retain the feeling of the first two?   To me, that’s highly doubtful. 

And yeah, this gave me a nice excuse to revisit the Statue of Liberty scene from II, which I will always adore.  

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