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I have a personal anecdote to share.   For a long time, The Warriors and I just did not get along.  I would rent it from the video store, only to have something crop up everytime I rented it.   With only the first fifteen minutes watched, I would trudge dutifully back to the video store to return my copy only slightly late, but despairing that I would never watch it all the way to the end.

FINALLY.  I finally got to see it all the way to the very last shot, something which I have been attempting to do off and on for years.

The Warriors are a gang in a town of many hundreds of gangs.   There is a big, huge communal meeting of all the gangs called by this smart dude named Cyrus, who is the leader of the baddest gang around.   And Cyrus proposes something altogether heady to these gangs, which is simply to unite and take over the city…until someone shoots Cyrus and promptly blames it on the Warriors.   The Warriors must then run for their lives across New York, hoping to reach Coney Island, their home base and therefore, safety.

To say I loved The Warriors would be a massive understatement.   The Warriors was Molotov cocktail-y goodness that was so worth the wait.   I had seen bits and pieces of it, but it’s so much better when you watch it all at once.

One of the first things I noticed was the gangs themselves.  Dude, there’s a mime gang.  Like if Marcel Marceau went hardcore crazy and make with the street violence and break out of his invisible box.  There’s a crazy girl gang, a gang of baseball players with bizarre clown type makeup and every other gang you can think of.

The costumer deserves immortal recognition for this one.

And the actual scenes of the Warriors attempting to make it back to Coney Island are fantastic.   They’re well paced and the movie moves along at a rapid clip.

Besides, who doesn’t want to see eight thousand people (approximately) get beat up in one movie?

The main bad guy is this dude who screams psychopath.  I mean, just in the face and the crazy whacko eyes he’s got going on, you can tell.   It’s kind of like the guy that played Malachi in Children of the Corn; you just take one look at that oddly shaped, oblong face with the crown of red hair and you run away screaming in terror before he has a chance to yell, “OUTLANDERRRRRR” at you.

It’s the kind of movie that leaves you refreshingly satisfied in the end and the iconic imagery burned into your brain long after.

It’s so much fun!   And sure, the movie has definite thinking-required subtexts…if you want to go there…and you don’t have to if you don’t want to…but mimes! Clown baseball players!   Angry, conniving, beeyotchy girls!   Classic lines like “CAN YOU COUNT, SUCKAAAS!”  Totally awful faux-biker leather vests!  How can one resist?

P.S.:   “Can you count, suckas?” is totally my new motto in life.  In case you were wondering and all.  Which, of course, I KNEW you were.

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