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This movie rules. It rules everything!

It’s by no means a perfect movie, but if you love the Indiana Jones movies…are you ever gonna be pleased.

In the start of the movie, Indy’s back to being the mild-mannered college professor, teaching at his university and generally doing his thing, but some Russians have another idea. A team of Russian soldiers headed up by Dr. Irina Spalko (Cate Blanchett) are searching for something at Area 51 (!) that will help them unearth the mystery of the crystal skulls, which they want to weaponize and use to make the entire world… Communists! Oh, no! The story feels a little odd in comparison to the other Jones movies, but by no means horrific; it’s just…different.

The movie paces nicely and the special effects are to die for. The problem is that sometimes Lucas and Spielberg want too many graphic shots where there’s really no necessity to have it and the CGI’s blatantly obvious. Stuff like that jerks me out of the movie, so that drives me bananas.

Cate Blanchett has some minor problems in the beginning of the film with the Ukrainian/Russian accent (the o’s are noticeably not Russian) but recovers quickly. Shia LaBeouf was surprisingly charming as Indy’s sidekick, and his entrance may make film fans smile – it’s practically a shot straight out of The Wild One.

Overall, though, it’s just such a fun, fun movie. It’s a good story with old favorites like Marion Ravenwood brought back. It’s a newer version of Indiana Jones, but with nods to the viewers from past movies…but updated nicely. And moreover, it retains the same formula that made all the other Indy movies so remarkably loveable.

The best part of the movie for me was the fact that the filmmakers were even willing to take shots at themselves. When meeting Indiana for the first time, Mutt, Shia LaBeouf asks, “What are you? Eighty or somethin’?”

Here’s hoping that fedora gets hung up before Indy qualifies for the assisted living center – until then, bring it on again, and again, and again. It’s very much worth the $10 I paid to see it.

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