Archive for April 17th, 2008

I’ve updated my Netflix queue and I’ve upped my plan to 4 at a time. Hopefully, if I can do the “get one, send it back, watch next one, send it back” thing going, the 4 at a time will allow me to consistently have a new movie.

Money well spent, right? And I can totally write that off on my taxes. Right?

In other news…Reader’s Choice is BACK!

Never fear, person out there reading from the vast reaches of the Internet. “Didn’t you just do this?” you ask? Well, yes, I did, but to be fair, I didn’t give very many people much time to vote.

And you had to comment to vote and I know some people don’t like to do that.

I tried to create a poll, but the poll hates me.  So while I work on that, just know it’s coming, okay?

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