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How did I live this long without seeing A Fistful of Dollars?


Holy goodness gracious, was this movie awesome or what?

I know that I should probably be lined up against a wall and shot for being a movie lover who has never seen Sergio Leone’s “Dollars” trilogy, but quite frankly most of Clint Eastwood’s “early” movies, like the Dollars trilogy and yes, the Dirty Harry films, I have actually never seen. Sad, but true.

I love the morally ambiguous main character. I could watch the title sequence on a loop all day. I love the idea of the sparring families in town and how the Man With No Name pits them against each other. Very rarely do I see a film that I view as almost perfect, but this one is it. Shot for shot, it is awesome and Clint Eastwood is practically impeccable. And the coffin-maker is such a cool character to have in the film.

I freakin’ loved it. I have to own the entire trilogy now.

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