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Undoubtedly the greatest “Lazarus Actor” — that is, an actor who screwed the pooch so royally people declared his career dead, gone and buried — is Robert Downey, Jr., who really needs no introduction whatsoever.   Christian Slater seems to be determined to give him a run for his money.

Sure, Slater was a teen idol of sorts.  He’s also been in some of my favorite movie crack, like Broken Arrow and Pump Up The Volume, but even for those, he’s had moments of decent acting, like Julian Po, and even with its schmaltz, Untamed Heart.  But then he got arrested a couple of times, or something like that, and he had that nasty wife abuse incident, and I started him seeing pop up in utter crap like this:


What the hell?   I think Uwe Boll is about as low as you can sink, to be fairly honest with you, and you have to wonder.   Did the legal bills stack up?   Did he buy one house too many?   Did it all go up his nose, and desperate for work, he was willing to appear in anything film related?  Seeing him relegated to crap like Alone in the Dark and Mind Hunters, it made me sad.   Slater was in one of my favorite movies ever, Heathers, and it made me sad to see him in such…badness.

Granted, Christian Slater was never going to be Olivier.   He was never going to set the world on fire with his acting ability, but he could carry some things.   He did action well.   He did alright in the rom-com department.   He made a few decent films that were entertaining, and a few films that he carried on his own that would have been significantly lesser without him.

So I logged into my Netflix account today and one of the movies recommended to me is He Was A Quiet Man, a movie you would normally never see Slater in…yet, there it is, Slater-riffic in all its glory.   He’s in it with Elisha Cuthbert portraying a resentful employee who survives a workplace shooting even though he was previously plotting the same thing.

…Huh?   This is a long way from retina-burning sex scenes with Tara Reid.  (Ick.)

Granted, while he’s still churning out crap like Hollow Man 2 (WTF) it looks like Slater is somehow trying to resurrect his career from the dead and might actually be succeeding.

When did I miss this memo?

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