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#1417: Planet Terror

I should hate Planet Terror.

No, really.  It’s a schlocky, gory mess that’s far from original – right down to the “Missing Reel” frames that were practically ripped right off of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” video.  I love horror movies and moreover, I love zombie movies so I already lean too much toward this one.

Nothing about this movie is original, from the fake pops and scratches on the film to the fake trailers that run in the beginning; for example, the advertised “Machete” with Danny Trejo didn’t exist until Robert Rodriguez decided to make it — after they had already premiered Grindhouse.

Even through the bad-on-purpose dialogue and predictable plot, you still find youself rooting for the one-legged girl with an automatic weapon for a fake leg.    You still get caught up in the drama.

You start out thinking this movie’s incredibly bad and by the time it ends, it’s sucked you in.

Verdict:  Worth the rental; Netflix it!

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